Adolescent Care

Upholding the Dignity of Women through Authentic Healthcare

Finding Hope During a Time of Change.

The transition from pediatric healthcare to adult healthcare can be a difficult time for young women, marked by change, new experiences, and uncertainty. This move can be all the more challenging for those seeking a provider who is aligned with their beliefs and values.

For a young woman, the switch to an adult provider often marks the first time that she will see a provider other than her childhood pediatrician. She may have specific questions or concerns about the changes she is experiencing. In order to voice these questions, she will need a provider that makes her feel comfortable and supported. In addition to having a multitude of important questions, young women also face a variety of unique healthcare challenges. For example, a young woman’s cycle may be troublesome or not yet predictable, an issue to which traditional women’s healthcare would respond with harmful chemical contraceptives. That’s where Hope comes in.

Authentic Reproductive Health Solutions for Young Women

Hope Woman’s Clinic provides comprehensive Reproductive Health solutions for young women — from their very first period. Founded to over¬come the unique challenges faced by women of all ages, Hope Woman’s Clinic takes a differentiated approach that uses no medications or treatments that intentionally harm the function of a woman’s reproductive system.

Our specialized healthcare services focus on Reproductive Health solutions, making it easy for adolescent women to access a comprehensive range of health services in one place.

Your daughter can enroll as a Hope Woman’s Clinic patient following her first menstrual cycle— no matter her age. In the United States, the average age of a young woman’s first cycle is twelve.

We suggest that you begin by setting up a Mother/Daughter Introductory Consult, a time during which you can sit down and dialogue with Dr. Susan Caldwell about your daughter’s specific needs and priorities — and ask any questions that you might have.

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